Full Body Massage

Gerri will listen to you and your needs and adjust time and technique to tailor your care. Gerri incorporates different techniques including the following:

  • Hot Stones
  • Esalen – Joint movement and energetic connection through stretching , rolling, and breathing.
  • Swedish – Basic massage using friction, kneading and long strokes
  • MRT – Muscle Release Technique stretches muscles tightened through repetitive motion.

60 Minutes / 90 Minutes


Facial Rejuvenation Massage

This European/Oriental technique is designed to aid the body rebuild facial muscles, thus reducing wrinkles. Facial muscles are exercised to build and retain proper tone and tightness to counter the effects of gravity. Hot towels are used to open the pores, your face is then cleansed, exfoliated, and massaged with Azulene Oil. A honey lift mask is applied, cleansed, followed by application of another mask, toner and moisturizer. During your session, your hands, feet, head, neck, décolleté, shoulders and upper back are massaged to achieve ultimate relaxation.

60 Minutes

Shoulder/ Neck/ Back Massage
This massage is an excellent form of quick relaxation and stress reduction. This unique chair massage is for those who have time constraints, or who need just this area of the body worked. Also, this technique is healing for those who suffer with carpal tunnel or tennis elbow. A must for upper body tension.

30 Minutes

Reflexology/ Foot Massage –
This technique is based on connections of the feet, hands, and head to corresponding parts of the body’s. This reflex system encompasses the entire body and mind, releasing tension, congestion, and imbalances. This technique was believed to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago.

30 Minutes

Aroma Therapy
Consultation is recommended for application of essential oils to establish and maintain health of body mind, and spirit. Essential oils have many different uses and are known for pain reducing capabilities, antibacterial qualities, anti-inflammatory treatment, antifungal properties, emotional stress reduction, improved circulation and even mental disorders. We feature Young Living Essential Oils and the therapies associated with them.

  • Rain Drop Therapy (8 oils used)           -$70.00 for 60 Minutes
  • Emotional Balancing (14 oils used)        -$75.00 for 60 Minutes


Popular Combinations:

Back/ Neck/ Shoulder + Foot Massage 
Back/ Neck/ Shoulder + Facial
Full Body + Mini Facial
Pampering Special

60 Minutes
90 Minutes
90 Minutes
2   Hours

Other Spa Therapies

  • Ear Candling                                                    
  • Sauna                                                             
  • Sauna/Chi Machine                                          

-$40.00 for 60 Minutes 
-$15.00 for 15 Minutes
-$20.00 for 30 Minutes

Massage Prices:
30 Minutes -     $35.00
60 Minutes -     $60.00
90 Minutes -     $85.00
2   Hours    -    $110.00


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